Əsas səhifə International Journal of Primatology

International Journal of Primatology

Nəşriyyat: Springer US
ISSN: 0164-0291 / 1573-8604


The International Journal of Primatology is a multidisciplinary forum devoted to the dissemination of current research in fundamental primatology. Publishing peer-reviewed, high-quality original articles which feature the primate, the journal gathers laboratory and field studies from such diverse disciplines as anthropology, anatomy, ethology, paleontology, psychology, sociology, and zoology. Articles address various aspects of primate biology and the conservation of primates and their habitats. Articles reporting on endangered or threatened species are highlighted, to further increase sensitivity to the plight of primates. Short articles, reviews of research, and book reviews are also incorporated into the journal. Special issues focusing on particular topics of interest are published from time to time.

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