Əsas səhifə Asian-Pacific Economic Literature

Asian-Pacific Economic Literature

Nəşriyyat: John Wiley and Sons
ISSN: 0818-9935 / 1467-8411


Asian-Pacific Economic Literature ( APEL ) is an essential resource for anyone interested in economic development in the Asian-Pacific region. With original articles on topical policy issues literature surveys and abstracts APEL makes it easy for you to keep ahead of the proliferating research on this dynamic and increasingly important region. Read by politicians journalists businessmen policy-makers industrialists and academics APEL avoids technical jargon and is the only journal devoted to one-stop in-depth reporting of research on the development of Asian-Pacific economies. Comprehensive Coverage of Asian-Pacific Economies APEL gives you access to abstracts of articles from over 300 journals. No other single abstracting service or journal covers this range of literature on Asian-Pacific economies - making APEL a unique source of reference. Many of the articles are published in Asia and not included in any other abstracting service. Dedicated to Current Developments in the Region Because it is dedicated to the Asia-Pacific APEL is able to provide coverage of recent literature on the region which is superior to even that contained in leading abstracting journals such as the American Economic Associations Journal of Economic Literature . Indexes now available online You can now view the abstracting coverage of APEL online. Use the: Index of Authors - for a complete listing of authors of the articles abstracted in each issue. Index of Countries - for a complete listing of titles of the articles and working papers abstracted in each issue. Literature surveys and book reviews are also included in this index. Please click here to access the online indexes.

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