Əsas səhifə The British Journal of Psychiatry

The British Journal of Psychiatry

Nəşriyyat: The Royal College of Psychiatrists
ISSN: 0007-1250


Published monthly by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, this is one of the worlds leading psychiatric journals. It covers all branches of the subject, with particular emphasis on the clinical aspects of each topic. In addition to a large number of authoritative papers from both the UK and around the world, the journal includes literature reviews, lectures, points of view articles, a comprehensive book review section, and a lively and well-informed correspondence column. Each issue includes several commissioned editorials on subjects of topical importance, intended both to inform and to provoke. A series of supplements, sent free to subscribers, provide extensive in-depth coverage of selected areas. The journal is essential reading for psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and all professionals with an interest in mental health.

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